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Brewery Tours of Indianapolis visits 9 different locations that can vary depending on what tour you choose and brewery availability. Below we have each brewery with a description of each one, that way you can know the back story behind each place.

Ash & Elm Cider Company

Ash & Elm Cider Co. was started in the summer of 2014 by husband and wife team Aaron and Andrea Homoya. As a company, Ash & Elm strives to make quality ciders using apples from around the Midwest and help cultivate the market for craft cider in Indianapolis. We are passionate about connecting with local orchardists and farmers, both to keep the freshest ingredients in our cider and to support local small businesses.

House Beers:

  • Semi-Sweet Cider
    6.5% ABV
  • Sunset Tart Cherry Cider
    6.5% ABV
  • Dry Cider
    6.5% ABV
  • Headlong Cider
    6.5% ABV
  • Idle Summer Cider
    5% ABV
  • Autumntide Pumpkin Cider
    6.5% ABV
Bier Brewery

BIER Brewery and Taproom is small in size compared to some other breweries, but this has allowed BIER to have the utmost control over the many variables that go into each hand-crafted batch.

BIER won the Indiana State Fair Champion Brewery award for 2011 and repeated in 2012. Placing in various other competitions, Bier Brewery offers champion level beer that will surely leave you satisfied and wanting more. Want to know more about them, check out Bier Breweries website!

House Beers:

  • Sabbath
  • Special "K" Kolsch
Centerpoint Brewing Company

Like any brewer, we strive to make high-quality beers people enjoy. For us this starts with strong attention to detail. The name Centerpoint and our plumb bob logo come from our engineering background, our desire to find the perfect balance among the raw ingredients, and our passion for finely controlling all of the process variables for any style of beer we make. We intentionally make balanced, approachable beers that appeal to both craft beer-geeks and casual American-macro drinkers alike.

House Beers:

  • Centerpoint Black
    6.5% ABV
    34 IBU
  • Centerpoint Gold
    4.6% ABV
    24 IBU
  • Centerpoint Red IPA
    6.5% ABV
    57 IBU
  • Centerpoint White IPA
    4.2% ABV
    49 IBU

The Flat12 Bierwerks brewery opened up in December of 2010, named after the "Flat 12" cylinder engine. With an interesting story behind the name Flat12 that goes beyond the engine and strongly rooted to Indianapolis and its people, Flat12 is a great place to get beer for any proud Hoosier.

House Beers:

  • Pogue's Run Porter
    5.5% ABV
    34.1 IBU
  • Hello My Name is Amber Ale
    5.8% ABV
    40 IBU
  • Half Cycle IPA
    6% ABV
    104.1 IBU
  • Walkabout Pale Ale
    5.3% ABV
    40 IBU
  • Hinchtown Hammerdown
    4.8% ABV
    27 IBU
  • Nitro Pogue's Run Porter
    5.5% ABV
    34.1 IBU
Fountain Square

Fountain Square Brewing Co. opened in 2010. With a passion for beer, backgrounds in Microbiology, Chemistry, and Automation, and a diversity of tastes has allowed Fountain Square to craft carefully refined recipes.

House Beers:

  • Workingman's Pilsner
    5.0% ABV
    25 IBU
  • Preacher's Daughter Amber Ale
    5.8% ABV
    40 IBU
  • Backyard Porter
    5.0% ABV
    18 IBU
  • Hop For Teacher Pale Ale
    5.4% ABV
    45 IBU
  • Soul Ride IPA
    6.7% ABV
    55 IBU
Indiana City

Indiana City began with Ray Kamstra and his home brewing obsession. His dream of taking his award-winning ales to the masses led to the idea of opening a brewery. After a great deal of research and numerous revisions to business plans, Ray Kamstra launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in the summer of 2012. The campaign raised enough money to secure an amazing historic building and the building of Indiana City Brewing Co.

House Beers:

  • Tribute Pale Ale
    5.8% ABV
    58 IBU
  • Yacht Rock
    5.8% ABV
    19 IBU
  • Shadow Boxer
    7.0% ABV
    40 IBU

Metazoa Brewing Co. is a new brewery opening in 2016 that was started with the mission to make beer for a cause. That cause was to help animal sanctuaries and foundations by donating 5% of their profits toward a different animal organizations each month. Drink beer and help animals at the same time!

House Beers:

  • Kinkajou (Honey Weiss)
    5.2% ABV
    7 IBU
  • Kitten Slumber Party (Chocolate Milk Stout)
    6.4% ABV
    21 IBU
  • Hoppopotamus (IPA)
    7.2% ABV
    61 IBU
  • Nap in a Hammock (Cream Ale)
    4.7% ABV
    17 IBU
Sun King

Sun King Brewing Company opened in 2009 in Indianapolis with a focus on continually creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beers. Since opening, Sun King has grown into the second largest brewery in Indiana.  Sun King's beers have been awarded multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.

House Beers:

  • Sunlight Cream Ale
    5.3% ABV
    20 IBU
  • Wee-Mac Scottish-Style Ale
    5.3% ABV
    23 IBU
  • Osiris Pale Ale
    5.6% ABV
    50 IBU
Two Deep

TwoDEEP Brewing Co. was founded in 2010 with home-brewing roots and passionately creative craft beer momentum.  In 2013, they took down roots  at 714 N Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis and  officially opened in August of 2014.  Ever since then they've been on a mission to brew passionately handcrafted beer, to cultivate an atmosphere that brings people together, and to enjoy each and every day doing so (with a beer in hand)!

House Beers:

  • KnightStick Cream Ale
    4.7% ABV
    28 IBU
  • Red Sunday Irish Ale
    5.9% ABV
    11.5 IBU
  • The Kunkel Dunkelweizen
    4.5% ABV
    17 IBU
  • Brickhouse "Roasted" Amber Ale Double
    6.5% ABV
    24 IBU
  • Lake IPA
    7% ABV
    85.7 IBU

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