Tour Questions


No. Due to the flow of traffic, we will alter which brewery we go to. A couple of the breweries have shorter hours so we have to move things around to accommodate. We want to you to have a great time. We are always adding new breweries to our tours.


Each tour will last approximately three and a half hours.


On all of our tours we will visit 4 breweries in 3.5 hrs. Tours are on Thursday, two tours on Friday two on Saturday and one on Sunday. If you don't see a tour and you want to take a tour, let us know, we can build a tour just for you (based on availability of breweries and their hours).


The tour includes transportation to and from your downtown location to 4 local breweries on a tour, 15-20 samples of local beer, bottles of water on the bus, coolers on board to keep your purchased growlers cold, Oh and a Great time!

Bus Questions

How many people can you seat?

Brewery Tours of Indianapolis has a bus that holds 21 people in the passenger area;  We also have a bus that will seat up to 24 passengers. Feel free to contact Rand at 317-522-0257 with any questions.

Can I select a pick up location outside of Downtown Indianapolis?

We want to ensure you spend the maximum amount of time at each brewery. Due to limits on time and resources, we only offer 2 pick up locations Brother's Bar and Grill in Broad Ripple and Indianapolis. If you purchase all the tickets for your tour, we will pick you up at a location of your choice ( as long as we can still make the scheduled window times for the breweries for your tour).

Can we drink on board the bus?

Of course you can! Indiana state law states that if you are in a “vehicle for hire”, passengers can consume alcohol in the passenger compartment only.

Can I bring my own alcohol on board?

We are very sorry but we are limiting the beer brought on the bus to that of the visiting breweries: Brother's Bar and Grill, Bier , Flat 12 , Indiana City,  Sun King, Fountain square Two Deep and Tow yard. No HARD STUFF!

Can I reserve seats?

We do not “reserve” seats per say, selling you a seat is the only reservation we make.

Is your bus wheelchair accessible?

Sorry, we do not have access to wheelchairs on our bus.

Ticket Questions

Do I have to be 21 to buy a ticket?

Due to Indiana State Law, persons must be 21 or older to enter breweries.

When I go to buy a ticket, it says 'sold out.' What does this mean?

It means that 21 people have bought their seats and there is no more room. Just check another date for availability.

Will I receive actual tickets? Do I need to print my confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation email when your payment is received. You will not receive actual tickets. We want to live green!, if you have a smart phone just show the driver when you board. Also please bring your ID. The Wednesday before your tour is scheduled, you will receive an email  (to the to the email address supplied at the time of ticket purchase) This email will give you all the information that you will need to include Breweries that we will be visiting, Your drivers name, pick up time and location and the rules for which we have to live by.

Do you accept walk-ups, or do you have to reserve a ticket online?

Yes! Although. walk-ups must pay in cash and must have exact change. This is only if we have room on the bus. Must call ahead for availability 317-522-0257.

I am pregnant and I want to go, since I am not drinking do I get a discount on the ticket price?

No, The ticket price is for the transportation to the breweries. The beer samples are supplied to the guest by the breweries.

I am the designated driver, do I get a discounted ticket or can I ride for free?

Sorry the ticket is for the seat and transportation to the breweries. All of our guests are treated equally.

I bought a Gift Certificate, how do I redeem it?

Go online to www.brewerytoursofindianapolis.com and view the dates that you want to go on tour. Each tour will tell you how many seats are available for that tour (our bus holds 21 people). Please keep in mind that we will need at least 6 people to do the actual tour. When you decide the date and time contact your host at: sales@brewerytoursofindianapolis.com.  You will need to supply the following info:

(1). Invoice # on the gift certificate

(2). Email and cell phone number

(3). Pick up location   (location of pick-ups are on the drop down menu for each tour).

Once the inventory is adjusted, you will receive a return email letting you know you have a seat (s) on the requested tour. If there are no seats available, we can look for another tour.

Growler Questions

What is a "growler”?

A growler is a glass jug that typically carries a half-gallon of fresh beer. Growlers are filled straight from the tap and sealed with a twist-cap. Once you purchase your initial glass growler, refills cost significantly less. Most breweries will fill growlers from other establishments; however, they may place a sticker from the brewery on the glass. Most breweries offer a smaller container, called a bullet, as well. Beer typically stays fresh one week after the fill date. If you purchase the growler or the bullet you cannot consume at the brewery. These sales are considered “take out.”

Can I bring my empty growler from home to refill?

Absolutely- we encourage it!

If I buy a growler, can I bring it on the bus?

Yes! We will have coolers available for you on the bus to keep your growlers ice cold and Red Solo cups for you to use.

Food/Drink Questions

What is the food situation?

You are welcome to bring your own snacks on board. Most breweries are paired with a local restaurant that you can order food from and eat at the brewery. Also, often there are a number of food trucks parked around the breweries.

Is there water available on the bus?

Yes, bottled water is available and is included in the tour price.

Payment/Return Questions

Is your site secured for payment?

All ticket purchases go through our website which is a secure site. You can either pay using your PayPal account, or credit card.

I don't have a PayPal account; can I pay another way?

Sure! You do not have to have a PayPal account to complete a purchase. Continue through the checkout process, select Review your order, and then submit order. You will be redirected to a PayPal page. Underneath the sign in area it will say, "Don't have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest."

What is your return policy?

All cancellations must be made in an email at least 7 calendar days before your scheduled tour. Please contact us at sales@brewerytoursofindianapolis.com to cancel. If you notify us at least 7 calendar days in writing (please include your invoice number), you will be given a full refund, or you can select an alternate date. Also, we reserve the right to cancel a tour if less than six (6) people have booked 24 hours prior to your tour. At that time, you will be refunded your money, or you can select an alternate tour date.

Contact Questions

How can I contact Brewery Tours of Indianapolis?

Very easy, you can email anytime to:sales@brewerytoursofindianapolis.com or call during business hours at 317-522-0257.

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